"Pour survivre, les Himbas doivent avoir les pieds enracinés dans leurs traditions et les voix qui portent jusqu’aux grands pays au-delà de la grande mer..."

Kovahimba, l'association ayant pour but d'aider les Himbas, peuple nomade de Namibie


DVD for sale: 15€ + 3€ shipping cost (France)




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• Les Himbas font leur cinéma ! directed by Solenn Bardet and produced by Gédéon Programmes with France Télévisions. The film was broadcasted for the first time in May 2012 on France 5. It was also presented during a number of festivals (Etonnants Voyageurs, Présence Autochtone à Montréal, Globe-Trotters, Le Grand Bivouac, etc.). The DVD is on sale on this website.

Rendez-vous en Terre Inconnue avec Muriel Robin avec les Himbas de Namibie directed by Pierre Stine, Bonne Pioche productions, 110 mn, in French with English subtitles, 2006.

Les Himba de Namibie, ceux qui se vantent directed by Alain Bourillon, produced by Backone.

Ocher and Water directed by Craig MatthiewsCry of the Owl, directed and produced by Dori Caspi and Erez Lauffer, 72 mn.



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