"Pour survivre, les Himbas doivent avoir les pieds enracinés dans leurs traditions et les voix qui portent jusqu’aux grands pays au-delà de la grande mer..."

Kovahimba, l'association ayant pour but d'aider les Himbas, peuple nomade de Namibie


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 "The Himbas, a life in ochre"

The exhibition, “The Himbas, a life in ochre”, presents the story and lifestyle of this semi-nomadic people living in Namibia (cults, marriages and burials, artistic expressions as jewels, headgears ...).

The exhibition was designed by Solenn Bardet and the Himbas of the Etanga community in October 2008, at the request of the Franco-Namibian cultural centre which financed the whole project, firstly in English and then in French.
Presented between the 7th of October and the 9th of November 2008 in Windhoek (the capital city of Namibia), the exhibition was the first one to be entirely devoted to the Himbas. 

The exhibition is composed of 18 PVC panels (1.20x1.80m), some pieces of jewellery and clothes.

Panels are furnished with iron bars to fix them on walls or grids (easily expedited by carrier). The exhibition is available for rent for, at least, a period of three weeks.

Two videos come along with the exhibition:

  • Maezuva’s wedding with Tuakara: the video was shot in 1994 at the request of the Himbas. They fell in love many years ago. In Chief Kapika’s camp, in the middle of Kaokoland Desert, the wedding is being prepared (construction of a nuptial nest, slaughtered cow, reading the future in the insides ...). Under the protection of the ancestors, the rituals last three days during which the bride has to abandon her father’s lineage in order to take her husband’s.
  • Interview of Katjira Munjombara, made by Solenn Bardet: the video is about the Epupa dam project. It is one of the rare documents in which a Himba leader expresses his people’s opposition to the dam. Katjira Mujombara was the first councilman of the northern region of Kaokoland. He passed away in 2002.

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